"Wonders of Space & Time" Durham Arts Council Allenton Gallery, > 30 selected works, Sept 23rd-Nov 6th 2016

"Astrophotography: Capturing Photons in North Carolina" Louisburg College Traveling Arts Series, >30 selected works Oct 13th-Nov 23rd 2016  

"Wonders of Space & Time" Emerge: Harvey Wooten Gallery, >20 selected works, January 2016


Solo Shows

Photowork 17, National Juried Photography Exhibition Barrett Art Center, Jan-Feb 2017: Cygnus Wall

RESOLUTIONS 2017, Hillsborough Gallery of Arts: Reflections in Emission: NGC6914

2016 Atomic STEaM Photography Show, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History’s : Reflection in Emission, Eastern Veil Nebula

2016 Bank of the Arts National Juried Exhibition, Craven Arts Council: Orion & Running Man Nebulae

2016 Photography Juried Art Show 311 Gallery, October 2016: Cone Nebula & Christmas Tree Cluster, Andromeda Galaxy

Annual Fall Photography Exhibition, Emerald Art Center, Sept 2016: Eastern Veil Nebula 

Art Through the Lens, Yeiser Art Center, August-Sept  2016:Cone Nebula & Christmas Tree Cluster

Indiana University East, 2016 National Juried Art Exhibition: Art + Science, March-May 2016 Eastern Veil Nebula

Raleigh Fine Arts Society, 2016 North Carolina Artists Exhibition, March-April 2016 Orion & Running Man Nebulae

Fine Arts league of Cary  21st Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Feb-April 2016 Eastern Veil Nebula

Greenville Museum of Art 2016 GMA Biennial Juried Exhibition, Feb-April 2016 Cygnus Wall

Schwa Show, Emerge Gallery January 2016 Sunflower Galaxy

Through a Curious Lens, National Exhibit of Photography. Santa Cruz Art League, July-August  2015: Witch head Nebula

Photowork 15, National Juried Photography Exhibition Barrett Art Center, June-August  2015: Orion & Running Man Nebulae

Art Through the Lens, Yeiser Art Center, June-August  2015: Orion & Running Man Nebulae​

24th Annual Louisville National Juried Photography Show, May-June 2015: Rosette NebulaHorsehead & Flame Nebulae

Onslow Art Society 55th Annual Spring Show, April 2015: Comet LoveJoyRosette NebulaAndromeda Galaxy

Wilmington Art Association 33rd Annual Spring Art Show, April 2015: Orion & Running Man NebulaeHorsehead & Flame Nebulae

Commissioned Works

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences "Astronomy Days" January 2017

Durham Arts Council, Durham Arts Camp  "Astrophotography without a space program: Imaging deep space from eastern North Carolina." August 2016

Greenville Museum of Art, Invited talk Photography interest group, August 2016 

Raleigh Astronomy Club, Imaging workshop April 2016 invited speaker, "LRGB workflow using Pixinsight"

East Carolina University, Research & Creative Achievements Week invited talk "Art+Science=Wonder"

East Carolina University, Fine Arts & Communication, Invited lecture, Art 3270 Color Photography

TriStar 2016, 1st place winner Astrophotography contest: M78

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences "Astronomy Days" January 2016

GO Science, Science Cafe "Astrophotography without a space program: Imaging deep space from eastern North Carolina."

East Carolina University Faculty convocation Fall 2015: "Astrophotography from My Backyard"

North Carolina Science Festival, Statewide Star Party 2015: A Time for Science Nature and Science Learning Center

Barnes & Noble, Mini-Maker Faire, November 2015

Numerous Outreach events

Starlight Soiree "A Time for Science" Gala event, March 2015

Ten X Ten show, Midwest Center for Photography, Nov-Dec 2015: Andromeda Galaxy

Invited Presentations & Awards

Juried Shows

Invited Shows

My name is Tim Christensen. I am a Molecular Geneticist and a professor at East Carolina University. I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Utah and my PhD in Genetics and Development at Cornell University. My avocations are numerous: entomology, genealogy, woodworking and astronomy. Sharing my sense of wonder through my teaching, research and art brings me joy. I can be found in many places: helping kids with science fair projects, teaching biology to college students, looking for insects with children, helping to build robots with teens, spending time with my family, and wondering at the universe.

As an artist, I've been heavily influenced by my scientific training. To a scientist, images are "data." Standing in both art and science worlds, I attempt to convey the art of the data. I recognize that even a "scientific image" is produced and interpreted by a person who brings their sensibilities to the image. In capturing light from our galaxy and beyond, I stay true to the data while emphasizing the aspects of the image that inspire observers to think about the scale and beauty of our universe.

Each of my works begins with careful planning. As the earth moves around the sun, different objects in the night sky become visible. Dodging the moon and clouds, I collect hours’ worth of exposures using separate color filters. I carefully select a subset of these exposures and “stack” those using software and algorithms to increase the signal in the images. An infinite series of different pictures is possible from each data set. Finding a path to my final images is a complex choreography of math, my sensibilities as an artist/scientist, and the subtleties of the subject.