Artist notes:

This is a challenging galaxy to shoot. It is obscured by stars in our own Milky Way galaxy and its faint spiral arms are difficult to tease out in processing the image. My eye is caught by the patches of pink in the galaxy. These are large nebula within the Triangulum. They must be truly enormous! I like to imaging sitting on a world within this galaxy staring at a night sky filled with the red glow of one of these massive nebula.

Technical details:

Photons captured in Simpson, North Carolina, in October 2014. This exposure was collected over a total of 7.1 hours.

Also known as Messier 33 this spiral galaxy is the third largest galaxy in our local group after our galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy. It is 2.8 million light years away. This galaxy is the most distant object that can be seen by the naked human eye. It contains over 40 billion stars and is 60,000 light years wide.   

Triangulum Galaxy