Artist notes:

I first became aware of this object when, on a dare, a fellow astronomer asked me to try and photograph it. He had spent many a lonely night trying to make out this specter in the heavens. My first attempts required a lot of squinting to make out the nebula. This nebula is not as flashy as some of the emission nebula but it makes up for it in the rich textures and evocative shape. Look to see if you can see one of the many galaxies in this image, some are more than a 100 million light years away.   

Technical details:

Photons captured in Simpson, North Carolina, in December 2014 combined with photons captured in Hyde County NC in November 2013. The image is 2 stitched panels collected over a total of 3.4 hours exposure time.

This nebula is an extremely faint remnant of an exploded supernova. It is illuminated by the super-giant star Rigel, just out of frame. This blue reflection nebula is 900 light years away and 50 light years long located in the Orion constellation.   

Witch Head Nebula